`asowr <06218>

rwse `asowr or rse `asor

Pronunciation:aw-sore' aw-sore'
Origin:from 06235
Reference:TWOT - 1711d
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:rwveb 10, rwve 4, rveb 1, rwvebw 1
In NET:tenth 12, ten-stringed 3, ten 1
In AV:tenth 12, instrument of ten strings 3, ten 1
Definition:1) ten, decade
1a) ten, tenth
1b) ten-stringed, harp
or masor {aw-sore'}; from 6235; ten; by abbrev. ten strings,
and so a decachord:-(instrument of) ten (strings, -th).
see HEBREW for 06235

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