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NETBible: Strong -- 06189

`arel <06189>

lre `arel

Origin:from 06188
Reference:TWOT - 1695b
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Mylre 13, Mylreh 7, lre 5, lreh 3, lrew 2, ylre 2, hlre 1, Mylrem 1, ylrew 1
In NET:uncircumcised 21, difficulty 2, none circumcised 2, uncircumcised people 2, ancient times 1, Philistines 1, closed 1, uncircumcised men 1, forbidden 1, uncircumcised person 1
In AV:uncircumcised 34, uncircumcised person 1
Definition:1) uncircumcised, having foreskin
rom 6188; properly, exposed, i.e. projecting loose (as to the
prepuce); used only technically, uncircumcised (i.e. still
having the prepuce uncurtailed):-uncircumcised (person).
see HEBREW for 06188

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