`aruwgah <06170>

hgwre `aruwgah or hgre `arugah

Pronunciation:ar-oo-gaw' ar-oo-gaw'
Origin:pass. part. of 06165
Reference:TWOT - 1691a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:tgwrek 1, twgwrel 1, twgrem 1, tgre 1
In NET:soil 2, flowerbeds 1, garden beds 1
In AV:bed 2, furrow 2
Definition:1) garden terrace or bed
or iarugah {ar-oo-gaw'}; feminine passive participle of 6165;
something piled up (as if (figuratively) raised by mental
aspiration), i.e. a paterre:-bed, furrow.
see HEBREW for 06165

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