`aqeb <06119>

bqe `aqeb or (fem.) hbqe `iqq@bah

Pronunciation:aw-kabe' ik-keb-aw'
Origin:from 06117
Reference:TWOT - 1676a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:bqe 3, ybqe 3, bqeb 2, Kytwbqew 1, twbqe 1, ybqeb 1, Kybqe 1, wbqe 1
In NET:heel 3, heels 2, footsteps 1, footprints 1, against 1, hooves 1, step 1, rear 1, limbs 1, tracks 1
In AV:heel 6, footsteps 3, horsehoofs 1, at the last 1, steps 1, liers in wait 1
Definition:1) heel, rear, footprint, hinder part, hoof, rear of a troop, footstep
1a) heel
1b) mark of heel, footprint
1c) hinder part, rear
or (feminine) hiqqbah {ik-keb-aw'}; from 6117; a heel (as
protuberant); hence, a track; figuratively, the rear (of an
army):-heel, (horse-)hoof, last, lier in wait (by mistake
for 6120), (foot- )step.
see HEBREW for 06117
see HEBREW for 06120

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