`atsarah <06116>

hrue `atsarah or true `atsereth

Pronunciation:ats-aw-raw' ats-eh'-reth
Origin:from 06113
Reference:TWOT - 1675c
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:true 6, hrue 3, hruew 1, Mkytrueb 1
In NET:assembly 6, celebration 1, celebrations 1, congregation 1, religious assemblies 1, sacred assembly 1
In AV:solemn assembly 9, solemn meeting 1, assembly 1
Definition:1) assembly, solemn assembly
1a) assembly (sacred or festive meeting)
1b) assemblage, company, group
or matsereth {ats-eh'-reth}; from 6113; an assembly,
especially on a festival or holiday:-(solemn) assembly
see HEBREW for 06113

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