`amel <06001>

lme `amel

Origin:from 05998
Reference:TWOT - 1639b 1639c
PrtSpch:noun masculine, adjective vocative
In Hebrew:lme 7, Mylme 1, lmel 1
In NET:toil 2, misery 2, laborer's 1, toiling 1, worked 1, work 1, workmen's 1
In AV:labour 4, take 2, workman 1, misery 1, wicked 1
Definition:n m
1) labourer, sufferer, wretched one
1a) labourer, workman
1b) sufferer

adj v
2) toiling
from 5998; toiling; concretely, a laborer; figuratively,
sorrowful:-that laboureth, that is a misery, had taken
(labour), wicked, workman.
see HEBREW for 05998

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