`olelah <05955>

hlle `olelah or (plural) twlle or twllwe

Origin:act part of 05953
Reference:TWOT - 1627a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:twlle 2, tllek 1, tllwe 1, tllwek 1, twllwe 1
In NET:few olives left 1, few grapes behind 1, grapes 1, left behind 1, leftover grapes 1, some for the poor 1
In AV:gleaning grapes 3, grapegleanings 1, gleaning of the grape 1, grapes
Definition:1) gleaning
feminine active participle of 5953; only in plural gleanings;
by extens. gleaning-time:-(gleaning) (of the) grapes,
see HEBREW for 05953

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