`ayir <05895>

rye `ayir

Origin:from 05782 in the sense of raising (ie bearing a burden)
Reference:TWOT - 1616a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Myrye 3, ryew 1, Mryew 1, Myryehw 1, *wrye {hrye} 1, rye 1, Mrye 1
In NET:donkeys 4, colt 1, cities 1, foal 1, male donkeys 1, young donkey 1
In AV:colt 4, foal 2, young ass 2
Definition:1) he-ass, male ass
from 5782 in the sense of raising (i.e. bearing a burden);
properly, a young ass (as just broken to a load); hence an
ass-colt:-(ass) colt, foal, young ass.
see HEBREW for 05782

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