'anna' <0577>

ana 'anna' or hna 'annah

Pronunciation:awn-naw' awn-naw'
Origin:apparent contracted from 0160 and 04994
Reference:TWOT - 122
In Hebrew:ana 7, hna 6
In NET:Please 7, Alas 1, O 1, Oh please 1, Yes 1, Oh 1
In AV:I beseech thee 8, I pray thee 2, Oh 1, O 2
Definition:1) ah now! I/we beseech you, oh now!, pray now! (participle of
entreaty usually followed by the imperative verb)
or mannah {awn-naw'}; apparent contracted from 160 and 4994;
oh now!:-I (me) beseech (pray) thee, O.
see HEBREW for 0160
see HEBREW for 04994

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