'an <0575>

Na 'an or hna 'anah

Pronunciation:awn aw-naw'
Origin:contracted from 0370
Reference:TWOT - 75g
In Hebrew:hna 29, hnaw 8, Na 2, *Nyam {Nam} 1
In NET:Where 15, How 7, anywhere 6, How long 5, where 4, how long 1, What 1
In AV:whither, how, where, whithersoever, hither
Definition:1) where?, whither? (of place)
2) when?, until when?, how long? (of time)
or manah {aw-naw'}; contracted from 370; where?; hence,
whither?, when?; also hither and thither:-+ any (no)
whither, now, where, whither(-soever).
see HEBREW for 0370

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