`abuwr <05668>

rwbe `abuwr or rbe `abur

Pronunciation:aw-boor' aw-boor'
Origin:pass part of 05674
Reference:TWOT - 1556g
PrtSpch:preposition, conjuntion
In Hebrew:rwbeb 37, rwbebl 3, Krwbeb 2, rwbebw 2, Mrwbeb 2, rbeb 1, hrwbeb 1, yrwbeb 1
In NET:for the sake of 9, so that 8, because 6, because of 4, For the sake of 2, for 2, for sake 1, and 1, While 1, on account of 1, so as to 1, that 1, to 1, sake 1, purpose 1, who 1, over 1, from 1
In AV:sake, that, because of, to, to the intent that
1) for the sake of, on account of, because of, in order to

2) in order that
or rabur {aw-boor'}; passive participle of 5674; properly,
crossed, i.e. (abstractly) transit; used only adverbially, on
account of, in order that:-because of, for (...'s sake),
(intent) that, to.
see HEBREW for 05674

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