cakal <05528>

lko cakal

Origin:for 03688
Reference:TWOT - 1493
In Hebrew:ytlkon 2, tlkon 2, tlkoh 1, lkvy 1, ytlkoh 1, lko 1
In NET:acted foolishly 4, Make foolish 1, behaved foolishly 1, made a foolish 1, seem foolish 1
In AV:done foolishly 5, turn into foolishness 1, make foolish 1, play the fool 1
Definition:1) to be foolish, be a fool
1a) (Piel) to make foolish, turn into foolishness
1b) (Niphal) to act or do foolishly
1c) (Hiphil) to do foolishly, play the fool
for 3688; to be silly:-do (make, play the, turn into)
fool(-ish, -ishly, -ishness).
see HEBREW for 03688

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