ciyg <05509>

gyo ciyg or gwo cuwg (\\#Eze 22:18\\)

Pronunciation:seeg soog
Origin:from 05472 in the sense of refuse
Reference:TWOT - 1469a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Mygo 2, Mygyo 2, *gyol {gwol} 1, Mygol 1, Mygyol 1, Kygyo 1
In NET:slag 5, dross 1, scum 1
In AV:dross 8
Definition:1) a moving back or away
2) dross (usually of silver)
or cuwg (Ezek. 22:18) {soog}; from 5472 in the sense of
refuse; scoria:-dross.
see HEBREW for 05472

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