cuwmpown@yah (Aramaic) <05481>

hynwpmwo cuwmpown@yah (Aramaic) or hynpmwo cuwmpon@yah (Aramaic) or aynpyo ciyphon@ya' (\\#Da 3:10\\) (Aramaic)

Pronunciation:soom-po-neh-yaw' soom-po-neh-yaw' see-fo-neh-yaw'
Origin:of Greek origin
Reference:TWOT - 2887
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hynpmwo 1, *hynpwow {hynpyow} 1, hynpmwow 1
In NET:pipes 3
In AV:dulcimer 3, variant 1
Definition:1) a musical instrument, wind instrument, bagpipe, double pipe, panpipes
1a) perhaps dulcimer, panpipes
(Aramaic) or cuwmponyah (Aramaic) {soom-po-neh-yaw'}; or
ciyphonya: (Dan. 3:10) (Aramaic) {see-fo-neh-yaw'}; of Greek
origin; a bagpipe (with a double pipe):-dulcimer.

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