niqqayown <05356>

Nwyqn niqqayown or Nyqn niqqayon

Pronunciation:nik-kaw-yone' nik-kaw-yone'
Origin:from 05352
Reference:TWOT - 1412c
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Nwyqnb 2, Nyqnbw 1, Nyqn 1, Nwyqn 1
In NET:pure lifestyle 2, innocent 1, no food 1, without being punished 1
In AV:innocency 4, cleanness 1
Definition:1) innocency
1a) freedom from guilt, innocency
1b) freedom from punishment
1c) cleanness of teeth (physical sense)
or niqqayon {nik-kaw-yone'}; from 5352; clearness (literally
or figuratively):-cleanness, innocency.
see HEBREW for 05352

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