'amal <0535>

lma 'amal

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 114
In Hebrew:hllma 6, wllma 4, llmaw 1, llma 1, hlma 1
In NET:withers away 2, grieve 1, fade away 1, dried up 1, children 1, languishes 1, perish 1, sick 1, shrivels up 1, shrivel up 1, pining away 1, mourned 1
In AV:languish 14, feeble 1, weak 1
Definition:1) to be weak, to droop, to languish, to be exhausted
1a) (Qal) pass participle (of the heart)
1a1) to be weak
1a2) to droop
1b) (Pulal)
1b1) to be or grow feeble
1b2) to languish
a primitive root; to droop; by implication to be sick, to
mourn:-languish, be weak, wax feeble.

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