n@tsiyb <05333>

byun n@tsiyb or bun n@tsib

Pronunciation:nets-eeb' nets-eeb'
Origin:from 05324
Reference:TWOT - 1398b
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:byun 3, Mybun 3, Mybyun 2, byunw 2, *Mybunh {Mybyunh} 1, ybun 1
In NET:garrisons 4, outpost 2, garrison 1, governor 1, officials 1, pillar 1, supervisors 1
In AV:garrison 9, officer 1, pillar 1, variant 1
Definition:1) set over, something placed, pillar, prefect, garrison, post
1a) pillar
1b) prefect, deputy
or ntsib {nets-eeb'}; from 5324; something stationary, i.e. a
prefect, a military post, a statue:-garrison, officer,
see HEBREW for 05324

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