natsah <05327>

hun natsah

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 1399 1400 1401
In Hebrew:Myun 3, wuny 2, wunyw 2, Mtuhb 1, wtwuhb 1, hnyut 1, wuh 1
In NET:fight 4, ruins 3, rebelled 2, fought 1, fighting 1
In AV:strive 4, strive together 4, laid waste 1,
Definition:1) (Qal) to fly
2) to struggle
2a) (Niphal) to struggle
2b) (Hiphil) to struggle
3) to strip off, make desolate, fall in ruins
3a) (Qal) to fall in ruins
3b) (Niphal) desolated, ruined heaps (participle)
a primitive root; properly, to go forth, i.e. (by
implication) to be expelled, and (consequently) desolate;
causatively, to lay waste; also (specifically), to
quarrel:-be laid waste, runinous, strive (together).

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