nokach <05227>

xkn nokach

Origin:from the same as 05226
Reference:TWOT - 1365a
PrtSpch:substantive, adverb, preposition
In Hebrew:xkn 20, xknl 3
In NET:opposite 9, before 3, in front of 1, on behalf 1, with 1, spoken 1
In AV:against 10, before 9, directly 1, for 1, on 1, over 1
1) be in front of

2) in front of, opposite to, in the sight of, before, to the front,
right on

3) towards the front of, in front of, on behalf of, as far as in
front of
from the same as 5226; properly, the front part; used
adverbially (especially with preposition), opposite, in front
of, forward, in behalf of:-(over) against, before,
direct(-ly), for, right (on).
see HEBREW for 05226

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