nichowach <05207>

xwxyn nichowach or xxyn niychoach

Pronunciation:nee-kho'-akh nee-kho'-akh
Origin:from 05117
Reference:TWOT - 1323c
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:xxyn 36, xwxyn 3, yxxyn 1, xxynh 1, Mhyxwxyn 1, Mkxxyn 1
In NET:aroma 40, aromas 1, fragrant 1, soothing 1
In AV:sweet 42, sweet odours 1
Definition:1) soothing, quieting, tranquillising
or niychoach {nee-kho'-akh}; from 5117; properly, restful,
i.e. pleasant; abstractly, delight:-sweet (odour).
see HEBREW for 05117

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