natash <05203>

vjn natash

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 1357
In Hebrew:sjyw 6, wsjnyw 3, ytsjnw 3, sjt 2, Kytsjnw 2, sjn 2, whsjyw 2, sjy 2, wsjn 2, tsjn 2, Mysjn 1, ytsjn 1, yntsjn 1, sjtw 1, wnsjy 1, swjn 1, htsjnw 1, htsjn 1, sjnw 1, swjy 1, wnsjn 1, ynsjt 1, hswjn 1, hsjn 1
In NET:leave 4, spread out 3, forsake 3, entrusted 2, deserted 2, left 2, abandon 2, abandoned 2, cast away 1, allow 1, entrust 1, fall 1, no longer 1, neglected 1, stop 1, throw away 1, slack 1
In AV:forsake 15, leave 12, spread 3, spread abroad 1, drawn 1, fall 1, joined 1, lie 1, loosed 1, cast off 1, misc 3
Definition:1) to leave, permit, forsake, cast off or away, reject, suffer, join,
spread out or abroad, be loosed, cease, abandon, quit, hang loose,
cast down, make a raid, lie fallow, let fall, forgo, draw
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to leave, let alone, lie fallow, entrust to
1a2) to forsake, abandon
1a3) to permit
1b) (Niphal)
1b1) to be forsaken
1b2) to be loosened, be loose
1b3) to be let go, spread abroad
1c) (Pual) to be abandoned, be deserted
a primitive root; properly, to pound, i.e. smite; by
implication (as if beating out, and thus expanding) to
disperse; also, to thrust off, down, out or upon (inclusively,
reject, let alone, permit, remit, etc.):-cast off, drawn, let
fall, forsake, join (battle), leave (off), lie still, loose,
spread (self) abroad, stretch out, suffer.

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