Nachath <05183>

txn Nachath

Origin:from 05182
Reference:TWOT - 1323a 1351a
PrtSpch:noun feminime/masculine
In Hebrew:txn 4, txnw 3, txnb 1
In NET:rest 2, descend 1, comfort 1, intervene 1, patiently waited 1, quiet 1, peace 1
In AV:rest 4, set on 1, quietness 1, quiet 1, lighting down 1
Definition:1) rest, quietness
1a) quietness, quiet attitude
1b) rest (of death)
2) descent (of judgment)
from 5182; a descent, i.e. imposition, unfavorable
(punishment) or favorable (food); also (intransitively;
perhaps from 5117), restfulness:-lighting down,
quiet(-ness), to rest, be set on.
see HEBREW for 05182
see HEBREW for 05117

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