nuwph <05130>

Pwn nuwph

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 1329 1330
In Hebrew:Pynhw 9, tpnhw 4, Pynt 3, Pynh 3, Pynhl 2, Pnyw 2, Pynm 2, Mkpynh 1, Pynhk 1, tpnh 1, Ppny 1, whpynyw 1, ytwpynh 1, wpynh 1, Pnwh 1, ytpn 1, wnpyny 1, wpynm 1, hpnhl 1
In NET:wave 7, waved 2, use 2, fall 1, brandish 1, offer 1, cuts 1, punish 1, untouched 1, shakes 1, presented 1
In AV:wave 16, shake 7, offer 5, lift up 4, move 1, perfumed 1, send 1, sift 1, strike 1
Definition:1) to move to and fro, wave, besprinkle
1a) (Qal) to besprinkle, sprinkle
1b) (Polel) to wave, brandish (in threat)
1c) (Hiphil) to swing, wield, wave
1c1) to wield
1c2) to wave or shake (the hand)
1c2a) to wave (hand)
1c2b) to shake or brandish against
1c2c) to swing to and fro
1c3) to wave (an offering), offer
1c4) to shed abroad
1d) (Hophal) to be waved
a primitive root; to quiver (i.e. vibrate up and down, or
rock to and fro); used in a great variety of applications
(including sprinkling, beckoning, rubbing, bastinadoing,
sawing, waving, etc.):-lift up, move, offer, perfume, send,
shake, sift, strike, wave.

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