nadah <05077>

hdn nadah or adn nada' (\\#2Ki 17:21\\)

Pronunciation:naw-daw' naw-daw'
Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 1302
In Hebrew:*xdyw {adyw} 1, Mkydnm 1, Mydnmh 1
In NET:drove 1, exclude 1, refuse 1
In AV:cast you out 1, put far away 1, drive 1
Definition:1) (Hiphil) exclude, drive away, thrust aside
2) (Piel) cast out, put away
or nada (2 Kings 17:21) {naw-daw'}; a primitive root;
properly, to toss; figuratively, to exclude, i.e. banish,
postpone, prohibit:-cast out, drive, put far away.

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