n@giynah <05058>

hnygn n@giynah or tnygn n@giynath (\\#Ps 61:1\\ title)

Pronunciation:neg-ee-naw' neg-ee-nath'
Origin:from 05059
Reference:TWOT - 1292 1a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:tnygnb 3, Mtnygn 2, twnygnb 2, twnygnw 1, ytnygn 1, ytwngnw 1, Mtnygnm 1, tnygn 1, ytwnygnb 1
In NET:accompanied by stringed instruments 6, music 1, mocking song 1, played on a stringed instrument 1, playing their music 1, songs 1, song 1, taunt song 1
In AV:Neginoth 6, song 5, stringed instruments 1, musick 1, Neginah 1
Definition:1) music, song, taunt song
1a) music (of stringed instrument)
1b) song
1b1) taunting or mocking song
or ngiynath (Psa. 61:title) {neg-ee-nath'}; from 5059;
properly, instrumental music; by implication, a stringed
instrument; by extension, a poem set to music; specifically,
an epigram:-stringed instrument, musick, Neginoth (plural),
see HEBREW for 05059

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