no'd <04997>

dan no'd or dwan no'wd also (fem.) hdan no'dah

Pronunciation:node node no-daw'
Origin:from an unused root of uncertain signification
Reference:TWOT - 1270
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Kdanb 1, twdanw 1, dank 1, twdan 1, dwan 1, danw 1
In NET:wineskins 2, container 2, wineskin 1, goatskin container 1
In AV:bottle 6
Definition:1) skin, bottle, skin-bottle
or noywd {node}; also (feminine) no)dah {no-daw'}; from an
unused root of uncertain signification; a (skin or leather)
bag (for fluids):-bottle.

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