mish`enah <04938>

hnevm mish`enah or tnevm mish`eneth

Pronunciation:mish-ay-naw' mish-eh'-neth
Origin:from 04937
Reference:TWOT - 2434c 2434d
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:tnesm 3, wtnesm 2, tnesmh 2, ytnesm 2, Ktnesmw 1, Mtnesmb 1, hnesmw 1
In NET:staff 9, leaning on 1, source security 1, staffs 1
In AV:staff 11, stave 1
Definition:1) support (of every kind), staff
or mishteneth {mish-eh'-neth}; feminine of 4937; support
(abstractly), i.e. (figuratively) sustenance or (concretely) a
see HEBREW for 04937

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