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NETBible: Strong -- 04932

mishneh <04932>

hnvm mishneh

Origin:from 08138
Reference:TWOT - 2421c
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:hnsm 16, hnsmh 6, whnsmw 3, hnsml 2, hnsmw 2, hnsmb 2, Mynsmhw 1, Mynsm 1, whnsm 1, Mynsmh 1
In NET:second 10, double 5, twice 3, second-in-command 3, Mishneh district 2, another 1, duplicate 1, copy 1, high-ranking 1, second in rank 1, other 1, newer district 1, full 1, fatlings 1
In AV:second 11, double 8, next 7, college 2, copy 2, twice 2, fatlings 1, much 1, second order 1
Definition:1) double, copy, second, repetition
1a) double
1b) copy (of law)
1c) second (in order)
1c1) second rank
1c2) second in age
1d) second quarter or district
from 8138; properly, a repetition, i.e. a duplicate (copy of
a document), or a double (in amount); by implication, a second
(in order, rank, age, quality or location):-college, copy,
double, fatlings, next, second (order), twice as much.
see HEBREW for 08138

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