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NETBible: Strong -- 04899

mashiyach <04899>

xyvm mashiyach

Origin:from 04886, Greek 3323 Messiav
Reference:TWOT - 1255c
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:xysm 11, wxysm 7, Kxysm 5, xysmh 4, xysmb 3, wxysml 3, yxysmb 2, yxysml 1, yxysm 1, xysml 1, Kyxysm 1
In NET:chosen one 9, chosen king 9, high 4, anointed one 3, anointed 3, anointed king 2, chosen ones 2, chosen ruler 2, anointed ones 1, chosen king's 1, neglected 1, special servant 1, chosen 1
In AV:anointed 37, Messiah 2
Definition:1) anointed, anointed one
1a) of the Messiah, Messianic prince
1b) of the king of Israel
1c) of the high priest of Israel
1d) of Cyrus
1e) of the patriarchs as anointed kings
from 4886; anointed; usually a consecrated person (as a king,
priest, or saint); specifically, the Messiah:-anointed,
see HEBREW for 04886

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