'alummah <0485>

hmla 'alummah or (masculine) Mla 'alum

Pronunciation:al-oom-maw' aw-loom'
Origin:passive participle of 0481
Reference:TWOT - 102a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:wytmla 1, Mymla 1, ytmla 1, Mkytmla 1, ytmlal 1
In NET:sheaves 3, sheaf 2
In AV:sheaf 5
Definition:1) sheaf (as something bound)
1a) of Israel returning from exile (fig.)
or (masculine) ealum {aw-loom'}; passive participle of 481;
something bound; a sheaf:-sheaf.
see HEBREW for 0481

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