Mitsriy <04713>

yrum Mitsriy

Origin:from 04714
In Hebrew:Myrum 57, yrumh 10, yrum 9, Myrumh 5, Myruml 4, tyrumh 4, Myrumb 3, Myrumw 2, tyrum 1, Myrumlw 1, Myrumm 1
In NET:Egyptians 55, Egyptian 21, Egypt 13, Egyptian's 3
In AV:Egyptian 25, Egyptian + 0376 3, Egypt 1, Egyptian women 1
Definition:Egyptian = see Egypte "double straits"

1) Egyptian - an inhabitant or citizen of Egypt
1a) an Egyptian
1b) the Egyptian
from 4714; a Mitsrite, or inhabitant of
Mitsrajim:-Egyptian, of Egypt.
see HEBREW for 04714
in Bible:
all the people of Egypt (NET)
Egypt (NIV)
Egyptian (NET, NASB, NIV)
Egyptians (NET, KJV, NASB, NIV, TEV)

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