m@tsowlah <04688>

hlwum m@tsowlah or hlum m@tsolah also hlwum m@tsuwlah or hlum m@tsulah

Pronunciation:mets-o-law' mets-o-law' mets-oo-law' mets-oo-law'
Origin:from the same as 06683
Reference:TWOT - 1889b
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hlwum 4, tlwumb 2, twlumb 2, hlwumb 1, twlwum 1, twlumm 1
In NET:depths 5, deep 5, bottom 1
In AV:deep 5, deeps 3, depths 2, bottom 1
Definition:1) depth, the deep, the deep sea
or mtsolah {mets-o-law'}; also mtsuwlah {mets-oo-law'}; or
mtsulah {mets-oo-law'}; from the same as 6683; a deep place
(of water or mud):-bottom, deep, depth.
see HEBREW for 06683

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