matsowd <04685>

dwum matsowd or (fem.) hdwum m@tsowdah or hdum m@tsodah

Pronunciation:maw-tsode' mets-o-daw' mets-o-daw'
Origin:from 06679
Reference:TWOT - 1885d 1885e
PrtSpch:noun masculine, noun feminime
In Hebrew:Mydwum 2, dwum 1, htdumw 1
In NET:stronghold 2, hunter's snare 1, siege works 1
In AV:net 2, snare 1, bulwark 1, munition 1, hold 1
Definition:n m
1) siege-works, bulwark
2) hunting implement, net

n f
3) net
4) fastness, stronghold
or (feminine) mtsowdah {mets-o-daw'}; or mtsodah
{mets-o-daw'}; from 6679; a net (for capturing animals or
fishes):-also (by interchange for 4679) a fastness or
(beseiging) tower:-bulwark, hold, munition, net, snare.
see HEBREW for 06679
see HEBREW for 04679

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