ma`aser <04643>

rsem ma`aser or rsem ma`asar and (in pl.) fem. hrsem ma`asrah

Pronunciation:mah-as-ayr' mah-as-ar' mah-as-raw'
Origin:from 06240
Reference:TWOT - 1711h
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:rvem 15, rvemh 6, rvemw 4, Mkytrvem 4, rvemhw 1, wrvemm 1, twrvemlw 1
In NET:tithes 11, tithe 10, tenth 8, one tenth 1, tithing 1
In AV:tithe 27, tenth part 2, tenth 2, tithing 1
Definition:1) tithe, tenth part
1a) tenth part
1b) tithe, payment of a tenth part
or maasar {mah-as-ar'}; and (in plural) feminine maasrah
{mah-as-raw'}; from 6240; a tenth; especially a tithe:-
tenth (part), tithe(-ing).
see HEBREW for 06240

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