ma`arab <04628>

brem ma`arab or (fem.) hbrem ma`arabah

Pronunciation:mah-ar-awb' mah-ar-aw-baw'
Origin:from 06150, in the sense of shading
Reference:TWOT - 1689b
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:hbrem 3, bremmw 3, bremm 2, bremlw 2, breml 2, hbremmw 1, bremh 1
In NET:west 12, west side 2
In AV:west 10, westward 4
Definition:1) setting place, west, westward
or (feminine) maearabah {mah-ar-aw-baw'}; from 6150, in the
sense of shading; the west (as a region of the evening
see HEBREW for 06150

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