ma`alah <04609>

hlem ma`alah

Origin:from 04608
Reference:TWOT - 1624 1624m
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:twlemh 19, twlem 12, twlemb 3, twlemw 3, twlembw 2, hlemh 2, tlemb 1, whtlemw 1, hlem 1, twleml 1, *wytwlem {wtwlem} 1, *wytwlemb {wtwlemb} 1
In NET:steps 23, ascents 15, stairs 2, goes through 1, ascent 1, pass 1, upper rooms 1, know 1
In AV:degree 25, steps 11, stairs 5, dial 2, by 1, come 1, stories 1, go up 1
Definition:1) what comes up, thoughts
2) step, stair
2a) step, stair
2b) steps (of sundial)
2c) stories (of heaven)
2d) ascent
2e) song of ascent
2e1) to the three great pilgrim feasts (Psalm titles)
feminine of 4608; elevation, i.e. the act (literally, a
journey to a higher place, figuratively, a thought arising),
or (concretely) the condition (literally, a step or
grade-mark, figuratively, a superiority of station);
specifically a climactic progression (in certain
Psalms):-things that come up, (high) degree, deal, go up,
stair, step, story.
see HEBREW for 04608

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