ma`yan <04599>

Nyem ma`yan or wnyem ma`y@now (\\#Ps 114:8\\) or (fem.) hnyem ma`yanah

Pronunciation:mah-yawn' mah-yen-o' mah-yaw-naw'
Origin:from 05869 (as a denominative in the sense of a spring)
Reference:TWOT - 1613a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Nyem 9, ynyem 3, tnyem 2, twnyem 2, Mynyem 1, wnyem 1, wnyeml 1, Nyemw 1, Kytnyem 1, twnyemh 1, ynyemm 1
In NET:spring 10, springs 9, fountains 2, fountain 1
In AV:fountain 16, well 5, springs 2
Definition:1) spring
or ma ynow (Psa. 114:8) {mah-yen-o'}; or (feminine) ma yanah
{mah-yaw-naw'}; from 5869 (as a denominative in the sense of a
spring); a fountain (also collectively), figuratively, a
source (of satisfaction):-fountain, spring, well.
see HEBREW for 05869

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