me`ah <04578>

hem me`ah

Origin:from an unused root probably meaning to be soft
Reference:TWOT - 1227a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:yem 9, wyem 4, Kyem 4, yemm 4, Kyemm 3, wyemb 2, yemb 2, Kyemw 1, Mhyemw 1, Kyemb 1, yemw 1
In NET:stomach 8, intestines 3, intestinal 2, own sons 2, heart 2, deeply 1, children 1, giving birth 1, feelings 1, flesh and blood 1, abdomen 1, own body 1, thoughts 1, within 1, tender 1, stomachs 1, pit 1, womb 1
In AV:bowels 27, belly 3, heart 1, womb 1
Definition:1) internal organs, inward parts, bowels, intestines, belly
1a) inward parts
1b) digestive organs
1c) organs of procreation, womb
1d) place of emotions or distress or love (fig.)
1e) external belly
from an unused root probably meaning to be soft; used only in
plural the intestines, or (collectively) the abdomen,
figuratively, sympathy; by implication, a vest; by extens. the
stomach, the uterus (or of men, the seat of generation), the
heart (figuratively):-belly, bowels, X heart, womb.

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