'eliyl <0457>

lyla 'eliyl

Origin:apparently from 0408
Reference:TWOT - 99a
PrtSpch:adjective masculine
In Hebrew:Mylyla 5, ylyla 4, Mylylah 2, lylah 2, Mylylab 1, ylylaw 1, Mylylahw 1, *lylaw {lwlaw} 1, Mlyla 1, lla 1, hylylalw 1
In NET:idols 8, worthless 5, worthless idols 3, gods 1, worthless things 1
In AV:idol 17, image 1, no value 1, things of nought 1
Definition:1) of nought, good for nothing, worthless
1a) of physicians, a shepherd, a divination
1b) of false gods
apparently from 408; good for nothing, by anal. vain or
vanity; specifically an idol:-idol, no value, thing of
see HEBREW for 0408

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