mecab <04524>

bom mecab pl. masc. Mybom m@cibbiym or fem. twbom m@cibbowth

Pronunciation:may-sab' mes-ib-beem' mes-ib-bohth'
Origin:from 05437
Reference:TWOT - 1456c
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:wbomb 1, bom 1, ybomw 1, twbom 1, ybom 1
In NET:area right around 1, around 1, banqueting table 1, in circles wheeling about 1, surround 1
In AV:round about 3, compass me about 1, at his table 1
Definition:1) round thing, surroundings, round about, that which surrounds,
that which is round
1a) environs
1a1) surrounding places
1a2) round about (adv)
1b) round table
plural masculine mcibbiym {mes-ib-beem'}; or feminine
mcibbowth {mes-ib-bohth'}; from 5437; a divan (as enclosing
the room); abstractly (adverbial) around:-that compass
about, (place) round about, at table.
see HEBREW for 05437

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