m@na' (Aramaic) <04483>

anm m@na' (Aramaic) or hnm m@nah (Aramaic)

Pronunciation:men-aw' men-aw'
Origin:corresponding to 04487
Reference:TWOT - 2835
In Hebrew:ynm 2, ynmw 1, tynm 1, hnm 1
In NET:appointed 3, appoint 1, numbered 1
In AV:set 3, ordained 1, numbered 1
Definition:1) to number, reckon
1a) (P'al) to number
1b) (Pael) to appoint
(Aramaic) or mnah (Aramaic) {men-aw'}; corresponding to 4487;
to count, appoint:-number, ordain, set.
see HEBREW for 04487

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