Mikmac (\\#Ezr 2:27, Ne 7:31\\) <04363>

omkm Mikmac (\\#Ezr 2:27, Ne 7:31\\) or vmkm Mikmash or vmkm Mikmash (\\#Ne 11:31\\)

Pronunciation:mik-maws' mik-mawsh'; mik-mash'
Origin:from 03647
PrtSpch:noun proper locative
In Hebrew:vmkm 4, vmkmb 3, omkm 2, vmkml 1, vmkmm 1
In NET:Micmash 11
In AV:Michmash 9, Michmas 2
Definition:Michmas or Michmash = "hidden"

1) a city in Benjamin lying near Ramah and approximately 10 miles
(16 km) north of Jerusalem; probably modern 'Mukhmas'
(Ezra 2:2 or Mikmash {mik-mawsh'}; or Mikmash (Neh. 11:31)
{mik-mash'}; from 3647; hidden; Mikmas or Mikmash, a place in
Palestine:-Mikmas, Mikmash.
see HEBREW for 03647
in Bible:
Michmas (KJV, NASB, NRSV, TEV)
Michmash (KJV, NASB, NRSV, TEV)
Micmash (NET, NIV)

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