mattara' <04307>

arjm mattara' or hrjm mattarah

Pronunciation:mat-taw-raw' mat-taw-raw'
Origin:from 05201
Reference:TWOT - 1356a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hrjmh 13, hrjml 2, arjmk 1
In NET:guardhouse 11, target 3, Guard 1, guard 1
In AV:prison 13, mark 3
Definition:1) guard, ward, prison, mark, target
1a) guard, ward, prison
1b) target, mark (fig. of chastisement)
or mattarah {mat-taw-raw'}; from 5201; a jail (as a
guard-house); also an aim (as being closely watched):-mark,
see HEBREW for 05201

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