machtah <04289>

htxm machtah

Origin:the same as 04288 in the sense of removal
Reference:TWOT - 777a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:wttxm 5, twtxm 3, ttxmh 3, htxmh 2, twtxmh 2, hyttxmw 2, twtxmhw 2, hyttxm 1, wyttxmw 1, ttxm 1
In NET:censers 9, censer 6, trays 4, fire pans 2, fire pan 1
In AV:censer 15, firepans 4, snuffdishes 3
Definition:1) fire-holder, censer, firepan, snuff dish, tray
1a) snuff-dish
1b) fire-pans
1c) censer
the same as 4288 in the sense of removal; a pan for live
coals:-censer, firepan, snuffdish.
see HEBREW for 04288

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