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NETBible: Strong -- 04217

mizrach <04217>

xrzm mizrach

Origin:from 02224
Reference:TWOT - 580c
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:hxrzm 30, xrzmm 16, xrzm 15, xrzml 5, xrzmh 3, xrzmlw 2, hxrzmw 1, hxrzml 1, xrzmmw 1
In NET:east 49, eastern 7, eastward 6, sunrise 4, East 1, eastern side 1
In AV:east 30, eastward 20, sunrising + 08121 9, rising 8, east side 5, east end 1, sunrising 1
Definition:1) place of sunrise, east
1a) sunrise, east (with 'sun')
1b) the east (without 'sun')
1b1) to or toward the place of sunrise
1b2) to the east, eastward
from 2224; sunrise, i.e. the east:-east (side, -ward),
(sun-)rising (of the sun).
see HEBREW for 02224

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