mazleg <04207>

glzm mazleg or (feminine) hglzm mizlagah

Pronunciation:maz-layg' miz-law-gaw'
Origin:from an unused root meaning to draw up
Reference:TWOT - 552a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:tglzmh 2, twglzmhw 1, wytglzmw 1, twglzmh 1, glzmhw 1, glzmh 1
In NET:forks 2, meat hooks 2, fork 2, meat forks 1
In AV:fleshhook 7
Definition:1) three-pronged fork
1a) a sacrificial implement
or (feminine) mizlagah {miz-law-gaw'}; from an unused root
meaning to draw up; a fork:-fleshhook.

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