Muwth (\\#Ps 48:14\\) <04192>

twm Muwth (\\#Ps 48:14\\) or Nbl twm Muwth lab-ben

Pronunciation:mooth mooth lab-bane'
Origin:from 04191 and 01121 with the preposition and article interposed
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Nbl 1, twm 1
In NET:alumoth-labben 1, guides 1
In AV:death 1, Muthlabben + 01121 1
Definition:1) death
1a) meaning dubious
(Psalm 48 or Muwth lab-ben {mooth lab-bane'}; from 4191 and
1121 with the preposition and article interposed; "To die for
the son", probably the title of a popular song:-death,
see HEBREW for 048
see HEBREW for 04191
see HEBREW for 01121
in Bible:
Muth-Labben (KJV, TEV)

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