muwsh <04185>

vwm muwsh

Origin:a primitive root [perhaps rather the same as 04184 through the idea of receding by contact]
Reference:TWOT - 1167
In Hebrew:symy 7, swmy 2, wswmy 2, syma 1, wsymt 1, *swmt {symt} 1, ytsmw 1, wsm 1, swmt 1, smw 1, smt 1, wsmy 1
In NET:remove 2, leave 2, removed 2, depart 1, cease to operate 1, departed 1, hoarded 1, move 1, stop 1, free 1
In AV:depart 11, remove 6, take away 1, gone back 1, cease 1, variant 1
Definition:1) to depart, remove
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to depart
1a2) to remove
1a3) to be removed (of inanimate objects)
1b) (Hiphil) to remove, depart
a primitive root (perhaps rather the same as 4184 through the
idea of receding by contact); to withdraw (both literally and
figuratively, whether intransitive or transitive):-cease,
depart, go back, remove, take away.
see HEBREW for 04184

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