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NETBible: Strong -- 04142

muwcabbah <04142>

hbowm muwcabbah or hbom mucabbah

Pronunciation:moo-sab-baw' moo-sab-baw'
Origin:from 04141
Reference:TWOT - 1456b
PrtSpch:verb feminime
In Hebrew:tbom 2, tbowm 1, twbowm 1
In NET:settings 2, enclosed 1, swinging 1
In AV:inclosed 2, set 1, changed 1, turning 1
Definition:1) (Hophal)
1a) to be turned
1b) surrounded, set (participle)
or mucabbah {moo-sab-baw'}; feminine of 4141; a reversal,
i.e. the backside (of a gem), fold (of a double-leaved door),
transmutation (of a name):-being changed, inclosed, be set,
see HEBREW for 04141

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