M@heytab'el <04105>

labjyhm M@heytab'el

Origin:from 03190 (augmented) and 0410
In Hebrew:labjyhm 3
In NET:Mehetabel 3
In AV:Mehetabel 2, Mehetabeel 1
Definition:Mehetabeel or Mehetabel = "favoured of God"

n pr m
1) the ancestor of Shemaiah, the false prophet who was hired against
Nehemiah by Tobiah and Sanballat

n pr f
2) the daughter of Matred and wife of king Hadad of Edom
from 3190 (augmented) and 410; bettered of God; Mehetabel,
the name of an Edomitish man and woman:-Mehetabeel,
see HEBREW for 03190
see HEBREW for 0410
in Bible:
Mehetabel (NET, KJV, NASB, NIV, NRSV, TEV)

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